Jam Session – Thursday, June 9, 2022

We’re All Alone in this Together

We’ve all received the message from one source or another that we’re all unique and special and worthy in our own right. While I believe this thought process is true, without vulnerability, openness, and taking risks, we may never know the true extent of the community we’re supposed to find if we’re living under the false narrative that no one else can possibly understand all that we’ve been through.

It’s the biggest lie purported in a world that has sought to isolate us from Babel to Willie Lynch mindsets that continue through today. Perhaps we don’t all face the same issues at the same time. Hell, some of us might not be feeling the same way towards an issue. This is a great time to invite the perspectives of others to potentially learn something new, or to enhance our own emotional intelligence.

Some of us may be feeling lonely and isolated while even having what others consider to be a strong circle. Oftentimes, its the fear of being vulnerable and transparent that prevents others from fully getting to know us. Conversely, those who have been isolated in their emotional states for too long without the proper community support are often lacking peace as well in their dealings with others.

Today, if you’re feeling lonely and isolated, just know that you are not alone. If the fear of being vulnerable about your issues is making you feel isolated, then a quick Google search about the issues happening in your heart will show you there are many going through similar issues.

Find strength in knowing that we all face challenges. Find hope in the understanding that we’re comprised with our own gifts and talents, and find the love of a community willing to heal and nurture us back to a state of safety and contentment.

In a world of 7.8 billion people, there is more than one person that can relate to our experiences. Continued emotional intelligence built through love and support will help us drop our individualistic attitude, and work towards the upliftment of all, whether we connect or not.

A Prayer

Father God,

I thank you for the reminder that vulnerability and transparency are the gifts that you give to your children. Thank you for the understanding that when I sin against you and do wrong by others, I cause isolation, which results in us distancing myself from your power. Turn my isolation into solitude time with you, so that I may know the full extent into how deep, how wide, and how vast your love truly is for us. I thank you for knowing every head on our shoulder, every plan in the works, and loving us in such a manner that neither death nor life, nor mountains or seas can possibly separate us from you. Thank you for the love you provide freely, and may I be built up in such a manner that I can exemplify the same.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Mood Music

In my mind, I am continuing to hear Michael Jackson’s “You are not Alone,” and coincidentally am reminded of the moments when I felt unloved, when grief took loved ones too soon, when others tried to count me out, or no longer resonated with me. These moments of temporary isolation transformed me. Many spiritualist communities have some idea or concept that we attract mirrors based on our current state, and we may not always like what’s being reflected back at us, and this is where I often started community – in those who reflected some aspect of an area where I felt broken, unseen, or unloved. When I leaned in more to the things that uplifted me and spoke to my strengths, I found communities that created spaces for my healing.

No matter what, we’re never alone. I’m journeying to my purpose right along side you. Let’s keep each other uplifted and encouraged while we traipse this rocky terrain together.

Until Tomorrow.

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I'm on a journey towards a better understanding of self through written reflections on my romantic relationships, situationships, entanglements, and complicated friendships.

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