Jam Session: Full Moon and a Half Kinda Reflection

I’m Not Sure What it Means for you, but It’s Time.

It’s 11:55pm while I’m beginning this post, and that should tell you everything about the thoughts I’ve been wrestling with today.

“Jam, you know these things take time,” were the words uttered by my best friend as I sat in my favorite spot this evening along the harbor.

I looked up, and although the night was cloudy and misty in anticipation for the rain, I saw the full moon right in front of me. For the next 30 seconds the moon was clearly visible. All I had to do was look up slightly, and it was there – until the clouds returned and erased any trace of the once visible moon.

As I dictated to my friend what I witnessed, I said, “This has to have some deeper meaning of faith.”

The moon’s disappearance behind the clouds no less stopped today being a full moon, nor the fact that somewhere else, the moon is brightly illuminating the night sky. Even though I was privy to the moon for 30 seconds, I saw it. That’s a fact. And the clouds covered it. That’s a fact.

Sometimes, we get glimpses of moments when something is clearly illuminated for us to see. In our excitement, we may try to engage someone else in seeing things from our perspective, but they can’t. Whatever was meant for us to see can remain hidden until we have the faith and operate in the strength and confidence that we can move into the direction of the unseen.

In layman’s terms. We gotta keep keepin’ on. Fight through the resistance. Everyone is not going to see the vision intended for us. That’s okay. Keep moving in the direction, and remain faithful on your directed path.

When moving towards your path, remember not everyone will see what you see. They weren’t meant to. You may also have some people doubting your vision because they weren’t given the same clarity.

As long as that person isn’t you, stay faithful to the vision you set forth, and be gracious to all those journeying their respective paths as well. Remember that everything we want takes time, but in time, all things will be revealed.

I love you.

A Prayer

Father God,

Thank you for blessing me to be apart of the many, uniquely designed creations here on Earth, all created in your image. In the midst of my righteousness, I lose faith, and forget the joy You’ve placed in my heart, and the love and grace You freely provide each rising morning. Forgive me, and bless me to forgive others who have wronged me. Strengthen my capacity to show love and grace in the face of doubt and opposition, so that I may be an illuminated reflection of the beauty in your design.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Mood Music

Full moons represent emotional endings, changes, and growth. Full moons also mark the ending of the moon cycle, and great times to reflect on all that has happened over the course of this month. To whomever reads this, though I may not know what you’re struggling with directly, I know this is not the first season of opposition you’ve faced, though admittedly, it may be the most difficult, especially if this month has shined a light on areas where you need to transform in order to actualize your dreams. That’s okay. A little resistance never killed us. In the words of Ledisi, “Life can bring us through many changes; It’s alright. Just don’t give up, know that it’s gonna be alright.”

I’ve included this live performance to motivate and encourage us all not only for the gift of the blessing of her talent, but the encouragement she provides in the beginning as well. Be blessed today. It’s gonna be alright.

Until Next Time.

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I'm on a journey towards a better understanding of self through written reflections on my romantic relationships, situationships, entanglements, and complicated friendships.

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