Jam Session – Thursday, June 2, 2022

Delays are Not Denials Two Words. Mercury Retrograde. Mercury retrograde is the scapegoat for all communication setbacks, and I will sure be using it as mine today. Unfortunately, my original post reverted back to a previously saved version, and I lost the content for both today and tomorrow’s blog. I could take a moment toContinue reading “Jam Session – Thursday, June 2, 2022”

Healing in Action: Father-Sized L’s, Part 2

I’m grateful that I responded and didn’t react. That’s growth. For the first time in my life, I didn’t respond in anger. I listened. I listened to my father say these things about me, and I was able to come to peace with the fact that I am finally choosing myself. If my father wishes to be stuck in his ways, so be it. I don’t need to be present in his life to continue witnessing his self-destruction and willingness to make everyone else miserable. There’s no peace in that relationship.