Jam Session: Thursday, June 23, 2022

But God.

God has been revealing to me that He’s strengthening my spiritual gift of knowledge and discernment, and has had me reveal these truths in some interesting ways over the past week.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation of my gift of knowledge happened on Tuesday – a particularly long calendar day, where I was moving from one appointment to another without so much as a break. My therapist expressed she’d be late for my appointment, and asked if we should reschedule. Given the fact that I had an upcoming retreat that wasn’t sitting easy on my Spirit, I asked her to please grant me a 1/2 hour appointment. She obliged, and I took an extra 10 minutes from my former church’s leadership meeting.

“Hey Jamila, our brother has some great news to share!”

I let a half second go by before I said, “His wife is pregnant.”

The doubt presented itself immediately. “How’d you know that?” “She must have texted you.” “Someone told her before the meeting.”

“No one told me a thing – I just figured it out – okay, well God has been working on helping me develop my spiritual gifts lately – I can’t explain it – I just know.”

Perhaps God is also revealing something in you about your gifts, purpose, or calling. Are you listening to the messages he’s sending? Better yet, are you listening to the messengers? Sometimes I find that it’s not our unwillingness to listen to God, but the inability to hear the message from a particular source that does not match our expectations.

God shows up in seven billion different ways, and even more that we’re unaware of – don’t get caught up in your limitations and miss the blessings.

I love you.

A Prayer

Father God,

Thank you for revealing your spiritual gifts at work within me. Lord, as I continue to come confidently and boldly before your throne in prayer, I ask that you keep refining me to be a clear vessel from which your message flows. As I continue to cast my cares and anxieties upon you Lord, I am grateful for the freedom under which you allow me to operate, as I am not a victim to my own thoughts. Bless those around me Lord who may not be able to see my divinity at work, and Lord, may you continue working on my gift of discernment which will guide me to the right spaces and places of acceptance.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Mood Music

Sometimes, God has to take everything away from your life in order for you to appreciate him better. My non-believers may see this as an unloving act, but me? I see it as the highest form of love. Have we made idols out of our material world ownership? What would happen if everything in life was stripped away from you? Could you still love? Could you still live? Would breathing stop? Or your heart?

As long as life pulsates in our body, we can always rebuild. Remember, no matter what, God has the final say.

And since you already know that truth, rejoice! And Dance your pain away. We already knew you had problems.

Until Tomorrow.

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I'm on a journey towards a better understanding of self through written reflections on my romantic relationships, situationships, entanglements, and complicated friendships.

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